Glenn Ko

Glenn Ko

Machine Learning Systems


Harvard University


Machine learning, computer architecture, systems, and circuits are among my research interests. The majority of my recent graduate and postdoctoral work has involved algorithm-hardware co-design, from algorithm optimization to chip design. For example, the most recent chip I worked on at Harvard Architecture, Circuits, and Compiler group was an Arm-based system-on-chip with multiple machine learning cores for various algorithms such as attention-based NLP and Bayesian inference. We demonstrated real-time speech recognition by compiling and running parts of the workload on the appropriate hardware.

Prior to my PhD, I worked at Samsung designing commercial processors for smartphones. I also worked at Qualcomm and IBM, where I developed efficient machine learning frameworks and architectures.

These days I’m interested in building ML-powered cloud computing system that one can trust to provide the best performance and how to make large language models and text-to-(image/video/anything) models more efficient.

Some things about me:

  • Raised in Illinois, Korea and Singapore
  • Completed South Korean military training (while working at Samsung)
  • Live in Boston


  • Machine learning
  • Computer architecture
  • Systems and circuits